OMV Technologies Gets New CEO

Kooper brings 33 years of experience in the industrial and consumer packaging industries to OMV–the closed-loop, turnkey, inline extrusion, thermoforming and tooling systems manufacturer.

Gary P. Kooper has been named the new CEO of OMV Technologies, a leading manufacturer of closed-loop, turnkey, inline extrusion, thermoforming and tooling systems of both Verona Italy and West Palm Beach, Fla. Kooper succeeds former CEO Mark Strachan, co-owner of the company, who now assumes the role of chief innovation & technical officer, a title that speaks well for his industrywide-known experience and focus on the sheet extrusion and thermoforming industries, with an emphasis on sustainability and recycling. Said OMV president Brooke Maltun, “Mark will be focusing on innovation, R&D, and building out our training and education programs, capitalizing on his passions for the industry.”

Maltun noted that bringing  Kooper on as CEO, who brings on 33 years of experience in the industrial and consumer packaging industries, was a strategic decision. Prior to joining OMV, Gary held various leadership positions with Sonoco Products Company, and Maltun noted that he worked closely with the OMV team during his time at Sonoco, overseeing high-speed tray production on two of OMV’s state-of-the-art RM77s and “was very impressed with the speed and advanced technology”. Kooper’s experience ranges from small and large format thermoforming, coating, in-line and off-line extrusion in the food and non-food packaging sectors to supply chain, procurement, training and development, and operational excellence. He aims to incorporate his mantra, “Simplify, Focus, and Execute,” into OMV Technologies’ “No Machine Left Behind” strategy to reignite and strengthen the company’s brand.

Said Kooper,“OMV is globally recognized as a turnkey solutions company in the thermoforming and extrusion space, which is a real point of distinction. With additional focus on education and expanding technical and leadership skills, we can take center stage in the industry we have helped advance for more than 60 years. My experience in the global plastics industry was centered around people, machine reliability, and lowest cost to produce, including meantime between failures and PM’s, unscheduled downtime, quality of goods produced, and material utilization. OMV has a great story, and I am confident that strengthening and aligning our capabilities in these areas to the needs of our customers and providing solutions will bring a positive impact both short- and long-term.”

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