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Plastic Container Thermoforming

OMV Machinery has 60 years of experience in punch-and-die (“match metal”) forming technology. Parts are formed by a male and female mould and trimmed in place.


Extrusion Lines

OMV Extruders


RM77 Revolver, F88, F87, F86, E76, F37, F33, F25


OMV Moulds



Access to affordable, hygienic and safe drinking water, fruit juices, isotonic and other non carbonated liquid nutrition is a predominant need in hot and arid, tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. A lightweight plastic drinking cup with a lid is a good, low-cost packaging solution with a very convincing appeal. Made out of PET for recycling purposes, where required.

To differentiate the large range of flavors, brands and target groups of such soft drinks, an attractively colored drinking cup has a great impact on first impulse purchases. We offer the most cost-effective decoration method using direct print with dry offset printing machines for this packaging style.

The world increasingly dominated by events, happenings and communities and is triggered by branding as a symbol of membership and support. “Stadium cups” are a good example of such a need to be addressed.
Dry offset decoration provides very good results at an attractive price for plastic, foam or paper cups.

If premium market positioning and more sophisticated serving are more suitable for your product or you are looking for containers for carbonated products, take a look at metal packaging beverages.


Punch-and-die Thermoforming Technology

OMV Machinery has 60 years of experience in punch-and-die (“match metal”) forming technology. Parts are formed by a male and female mould and trimmed in place. This technology is widely recognized as the most adapt for high quality parts in case of high-shrinking resins. It applies, for instance, to polypropylene-based coffee capsules, portion cups, lids. OMV does not only build the former but also designs and manufactures the whole mould.

Inline Rim Rolling Technology

This technology is unique to OMV thermoformers, thanks to its way of extracting parts from the mould. Parts are delivered to a coining press right after the forming stage, which achieves good lip “rolling” with 100% efficiency. No loss of cups, no stops, no need of separate equipment after the former to rim roll and then re-separate the rolled stacks. Rim Rolling OMV Rim “Rolling” can be applied also to non-round objects such as square / rectangular portion cups and trays.

Inline Extrusion + Thermoforming Technology

OMV is a specialist in turnkey in-line thermoforming solutions for Polypropylene and PP Multilayer parts, which it pioneered in the industry. Having the sheet extruded and directly fed to the former allows for the highest process control to achieve the best wall distribution, rim flatness, and precision in critical points of the parts. At the same time, inline systems eliminate the need to stock sheet, handle scrap “sheet skeletons” and provide substantial energy savings.

Tech Center

OMV offers a full-fledged Tech Center to try new designs and/or new resins. With a small investment, parts can be thermoformed and tested in OMV’s Tech Center before committing CapEx to buy the whole equipment. The complete service includes design-to-thermoforming and manufacturing of a test cavity, installation and test-runs on a dedicated pilot line as well as small modifications (e.g. to inserts) to zero-in the design to target.

Customer Service

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Mark Strachan
Chief Executive Officer
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Jessica Fischer
Parts & Service Manager
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Parts & Service Manager
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Brooke Maltun
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How to find us in Verona

By flight:
Land in Verona airport (VRN); alternatively: Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) or Venice Marco Polo (VCE) From Verona airport you can take a Taxi to OMV (Costs: 35-40 EUR)

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Verona can most conveniently be reached from the main stations in Milan, Bergamo, Venice or Bologna. Direct trains are frequently available from each of these stations. The ride takes about:
From Milano Centrale: 1h 45min
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Exact departing and arrival times can be found at the web site of Trenitalia.
From the train station in Verona you can take a Taxi to OMV (Costs: 15-20 EUR)

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USA Corporate Office

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Competence and experience

OMV designs and builds thermoforming machines, moulds and inline systems for the food rigid packaging industry. The company specializes on challangeing articles, with traditional resins (PP, PS, PET) as well as with new bioplastic materials.

OMV’s unique approach “from package to equipment” is designed to minimize risks of entering into high-demanding rigid packaging fields.