Looking to revolutionize your plastic container production?
OMV Machinery’s top-tier extrusion equipment is the key to unlocking precision and efficiency in the industrial sector.

Advanced Extruding Technology

Our extruding equipment features state-of-the-art technology that ensures precise control over temperature, pressure, and material flow, resulting in consistent, high-quality outputs.

Robust and Reliable Construction

Built with high-quality materials, our extruding equipment is designed to withstand rigorous industrial use, ensuring long-term reliability.

Custom Solutions

We offer customized extruding equipment solutions to match your unique production requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for your manufacturing processes.

Exceptional Customer Support

We provide expert consultation to help you choose the right extruding equipment for your needs.

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High-Quality Extruding Equipment – OMV Technologies

Looking to elevate your industrial operations to new heights? Explore OMV Technologies’ top-of-the-line extruding equipment for a cutting-edge solution. With a focus on thermoforming and inline extrusion, our advanced machinery and unparalleled expertise are here to transform your plastic container production. Join us at OMV Technologies and witness the unmatched quality and precision that will revolutionize your packaging capabilities. Trust in our innovative solutions to lead the way in the industry and experience a new level of efficiency and excellence.

Trust in our expertise to lead the industry and experience a new level of efficiency and excellence. Join us at OMV Technologies and witness the future of industrial operations unfold before your eyes.


OMV Extruding Equipment

OMV Technologies offers premier extruding equipment designed to meet the diverse demands of modern manufacturing. Our cutting-edge extruding lines are engineered for precision, efficiency, and durability, ensuring exceptional performance across various applications. Here’s why OMV Technologies is the leading choice for extruding equipment:

Enhance your plastic container production with OMV Extruders, known for their precision and efficiency in the industrial sector. Offering screw designs from Ø 45mm to 170mm, our extruders excel in processing various polymers, including custom blends, to ensure top-notch quality and enhanced throughput. With over forty years of experience and innovation, OMV Technologies is at the forefront of producing high-quality plastic sheets for a wide range of applications. Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge extrusion technology, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Extruding Equipment

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with OMV Technologies’ high-quality extruding equipment

Choosing OMV Technologies for your extruding equipment means investing in superior quality, advanced technology, and exceptional support. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions that keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly and effectively.